Cates Island, looking at the back of Texada Isl.

Cates Island on the Sunshine Coast, looking West, at the back of Texada Isl.

My name is Jill and my life has recently taken a major, unexpected, change.

In January 2009, I lost my husband to brain cancer.  We fought hard against the disease for 16 months and although we didn’t succeed in beating the cancer, we managed to live with grace and dignity; finding beauty in each other, our friends & family, and most importantly ourselves.

Since then I have packed up the life I knew – all that was familiar to me – and pulled out my old backpack.  I been traveling around Australia, New Zealand, the South Pacific, Southeast Asia, and Eastern Europe for the last two years or so, and have decided to continue my journey for as long as it takes to feel at peace.

Home, up until now, has been a pretty distant concept.  Life on the road provided opportunity for reflection, a little insight, and at the very least: a few good stories!  Now i’m home and I’m guessing this is where the real journey begins.

I have been doing my best to live each day as it comes – enjoying exciting events and small subtleties all at the same time.  Travel has been a perfect medium for exactly this and as I start to settle down again, I think I will face new challenges with less opportunity for distraction.

For the first time in my life I feel I am truly living, at least living in a very different way, than I ever have before.  As I go, I find myself drawn to like-minded people.  This is a  journey of rediscovery.

Thank you to everyone who has followed along with me.  The love, support, and encouragement – is astounding and appreciated! I also love that my friends are hilarious even when they aren’t meaning to be…who could ask for more?